Drones Class Set Overdue

The drone class set is a comprehensive collection of 12 drones of different varieties that allow your students to experiment with flight and photography/videography!

Each drone will come with a charger, instruction booklet, and spare blades/replacement tools.  Accidents happen with drones, so please let us know if blades or other parts are broken so we can repair them! 

Each drone has different button layouts, so please refer to the images in the instruction manual to learn the layout. Some of the drones will even perform unique tricks like flips and rolls depending on which buttons you press, so make sure to check it out!

The Drone Class Set includes 4 different drone sets, listed below:

Set 1: The first set of drones is the Hubsan X4 model. It is a set of 5 drones, each equipped with a live video camera feed on the controller. No external devices are required except a USB plug to charge the battery. Each controller also has a mini SD card slot to hold the footage and photographs you capture.

Set 2: The second set of drones are the Odyssey nano drones. These drones do not have cameras, but are easy to fly and are perfect for getting a feel for flying drones without worrying about damaging a higher end drone. The blue drone is actually enclosed in a cage, so the blades cannot break; making it essentially "crash proof."

Set 3: The third set is the codrone pro. This is the most advanced drone set. The student programs the drone; using either advanced python-based coding or using simple block based programming. It's a very fun and engaging way to learn how to fly and program a drone! The Arduino based controller is modular and can be assembled into custom configurations. Two drones will come ready to fly with an assembled remote, and the other will come ready to be programmed and assembled. These drones handle very well and are straightforward to begin flying. Note: Please return the drones as they come: one assembled and flight ready, and one disassembled! Check out the website for more information: https://www.robolink.com/learn-codrone-pro/

Set 4: The Odyssey Oblivion NX and and Odyssey Galactic II are both app based drones that can record photo and video as well as be flow with a first person view using the included headsets. Most smartphones can be stuck to the suction cup attachments on the remotes, and most regular sized smartphones will fit into the VR headsets. These drones are the largest, and have the most buttons on the controllers. Make sure to read the attached instruction booklet! These drones are not recommended for young students. Unfortunately, the STEM Center is unable to loan smart devices to be used with the controllers, and the renting individual must use their own.

Important: This class drone set includes all 4 individual sets of drones. If you would only like one of the sets, please rent the individual corresponding set from within our system. The availability of the class set will depend on the other sets. If the class set is unavailable, feel free to check out all the other available kits!

Note: The STEM Center and Tennessee Tech are not liable for personal injury or property damage incurred by drone usage. The renter assumes all responsibility for the drones. The renter should also follow all age guidelines listed in each drone's instruction booklet/packaging.